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  • Andreas Geppert

    Networker of nextVision Group GmbH
    Government, Smart City , Smart  Region, Allocation & Procurement, Mobility, Technologies & Innovations, International
    Urban planning and community consultation professionals with an interest in communicating planning outcomes more effectively. 3D digital twin solutions to interactively visualise and communicate planning principles and outcomes. Planning and design options can be individually experienced on a PC, via the internet, as a mobile app, or immersively through VR headsets (Oculus Rift).
  • Helga Marta

    Networker of Smart Country Convention/ Messe Berlin
    Smart City , Smart  Region, Startup, International, Education, Sustainability, Work 4.0 & Career
  • Ulrike Koller

    International, Education, Accessibility, Work 4.0 & Career
  • Dorte Grabert

    Networker of IHK Akademie München und Oberbayern gGmbH
    Technologies & Innovations, International, Education, Work 4.0 & Career
    Austausch über Weiterbildungsbedarfe der Unternehmen Know-how eines der größten Weiterbildungsanbieter in Oberbayern
  • Christian Frier

    Networker of Knowhere GmbH
    Head of Business Development
    Government, Smart  Region, Energy, Technologies & Innovations, International, Education
    Productive exchange to digital communication of today and in the future. Contact me for an exchange to AI chatbots, digital customer communication, customer journey etc.. I am looking forward to your message!
  • Frank Glimm

    Networker of Medienbüro am Reichstag GmbH
    Government, Energy, International
  • Christoph Walther

    Networker of Sustainder GmbH
    Energy, International, Education, Health
    The streetlight infrastructure will become an important part of any smart city. But before this future will become true, a lot of persuading in different directions is to do. To get this done is my mission. I Serach: Sense and Knowledge I offer: Attention
  • Daniela Centonze

    Networker of Boost.ai
    Conversational AI Specialist
    Smart City , Smart  Region, Technologies & Innovations, International
    New contacts within Public Sector Boost customer experience with conversational AI
  • Salim Akkari

    Networker of Verlag der Tagesspiegel
    Key Account Manager
    Government, Smart City , Mobility, Energy, Technologies & Innovations, International, Sustainability
  • Charlotte Stevenson

    Networker of Australian Department of Home Affairs
    Global Talent Officer - UK, Europe and Israel
    Government, Energy, Startup, Technologies & Innovations, Security, International, Health
  • Mathias Drücker

    Networker of enviaM AG
    Referent Energiepolitik
    Government, Mobility, Energy, International, Office, Health
  • H.E. Hansi von Bayern

    Networker of Kingdom.one
    König von Bayern
    Government, Smart City , Mobility, Energy, Technologies & Innovations, International, Sustainability
    Blockchain Exchange, eGovernment-as-a-Service, BayernPass