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  • Hendrik Ahlburg

    Networker of globits GmbH
    Lösungsmoderator Sales Manager
    Government, Allocation & Procurement, Supply and Disposal, Energy, Security, Health
    Ansprechpartner und Entscheider aus dem IT/TK Umfeld IT-Infrastruktur, Data Center, Unified Security, Managed Service, Desktopvirtualisierung, Digitalisierungsprozesse
  • Egle Ciuoderiene

    Networker of Baltic Amadeus
    Business Development Executive
    Smart City , Allocation & Procurement, Energy, Startup, Technologies & Innovations, Security, Health
    Looking for - partners to work on the large scale projects; - companies that are looking for IT support services; - agencies, which could help to enter the German market. Offering: - custom software development; - nearshore development center; - UI design; - quality assurance; - software maintenance; - IT consulting.
  • Ruediger Dorawa

    Networker of Intetics GmbH
    CEO / Managing Director
    Smart City , Allocation & Procurement, Startup, Technologies & Innovations, International, Education, Health
  • Mathias Drücker

    Networker of enviaM AG
    Referent Energiepolitik
    Government, Mobility, Energy, International, Office, Health
  • Dr. Klara Gießler

    Networker of KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
    Manager | iPerformance | Managed Legal Services
    Allocation & Procurement, Health
    Aktuelle Neuigkeiten und Trends im Vergaberecht, Experten und Entscheider im Vergaberecht und Public Sector sowie Einsatzmöglichkeiten für Vergabeservice 360 Vernetzung im Forschungs- und Beratungsumfeld, Prozessexpertise insbesondere im Bereich der Durchführung von Vergabeverfahren, Projektleitungsexpertise
  • Sabine Göbel

    Networker of Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG
    Public Sector - Project Controlling - Sales
    Government, Education, Health
  • Lukas Golyszny

    Networker of Service Innovation Labs
    Smart City , Mobility, Technologies & Innovations, Education, Office, Health, Work 4.0 & Career
    Netzwerk, interessante Herausforderungen, inspirierende Menschen Beratung für kundenzentrierte Innovationen, erfahrenes Service Design Team, Digitalisierung Erfahrung
  • Pierre Golz

    Networker of Stadt Herne
    Stabsstelle Digitalisierung (CDO)
    Smart City , Smart  Region, Mobility, Technologies & Innovations, Education, Health
  • Hester Hilbrecht

    Networker of Mermaid Studios GmbH
    Founder & CEO
    Government, Mobility, Technologies & Innovations, Education, Health, Sustainability
  • Magnus Hoppe

    Networker of Gemeinde Herbertingen
    Mobility, Energy, Technologies & Innovations, Health
    An innovative Traffic Concept that makes the use of the own car obsolete. A small rural community in Baden-Württemberg with a high density of jobs as well as space for innovative ideas and concepts
  • Frank Stefan Jorga

    Networker of WebID Solutions GmbH
    Government, Smart City , Mobility, Startup, Technologies & Innovations, International, Health
    Kooperationspartner, Netzwerk, Technologiepartner, Internationale Partner, fachlichen Austausch Identifikationslösungen, QES, Online Signing, Global Trust Platform, Kooperationspartner, Netzwerk, Technologiepartner, Internationaler Partner, fachlicher Austausch
  • Dr. Madlena Kantscheff

    Networker of Madlena Kantscheff Coaching
    Founder and Owner
    International, Education, Health
    Business owners, who are ready to bring their company to the next level of excellence by creating a meaningful wealth Business coaching of a new kind where Leadership is united with the new type of Spirituality