30 results

  • Hendrik Ahlburg

    Networker of globits GmbH
    Lösungsmoderator Sales Manager
    Government, Allocation & Procurement, Supply and Disposal, Energy, Security, Health
    Ansprechpartner und Entscheider aus dem IT/TK Umfeld IT-Infrastruktur, Data Center, Unified Security, Managed Service, Desktopvirtualisierung, Digitalisierungsprozesse
  • Tobias Beckers

    Networker of Serrala
    Data Scientist, Consultant
    Smart City , Energy, Technologies & Innovations, Security
    New methods and use cases for AI Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling using Machine Learning methods
  • Ingmar Besch

    Networker of Bank-Verlag GmbH
    Key Account Manager
    Government, Technologies & Innovations, Security
  • Egle Ciuoderiene

    Networker of Baltic Amadeus
    Business Development Executive
    Smart City , Allocation & Procurement, Energy, Startup, Technologies & Innovations, Security, Health
    Looking for - partners to work on the large scale projects; - companies that are looking for IT support services; - agencies, which could help to enter the German market. Offering: - custom software development; - nearshore development center; - UI design; - quality assurance; - software maintenance; - IT consulting.
  • Stefan Dellbrügge

    Networker of Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG
    Government, Mobility, Technologies & Innovations, Security, International, Office, Work 4.0 & Career
  • Stefan Demant

    Networker of Lecos GmbH
    Government, Smart City , Startup, Technologies & Innovations, Security, Work 4.0 & Career
  • Achim Gengenbach

    Networker of LGI Logistics Group International GmbH
    Projektmanager / Business Development
    Supply and Disposal, Technologies & Innovations, Security, Office, Sustainability
    Interessierte Unternehmen und Öffentliche Auftraggeber Prozess- und Projektkoordination
  • Anders Bork Hansen

    Networker of Converging Minds A/S
    Partner, COO
    Government, Technologies & Innovations, Security
    Customers and partners. Leave your business card and win a trial installation for free.
  • Hans-Joachim Hübner

    Networker of itellent GmbH
    Principal Consultant
    Government, Technologies & Innovations, Security
  • Dr. Simon Kischkel

    Networker of USU GmbH unymira
    Teamlead and Executive Consultant
    Government, Smart City , Smart  Region, Allocation & Procurement, Technologies & Innovations, Security, International
    project opportunities contacts expertise delivery capabilities
  • Sebastian Klinke

    Networker of LAN-COM-East GmbH
    System- und Netzwerkadministrator
    Smart City , Smart  Region, Technologies & Innovations, Security, International, Sustainability
  • Dr. Jönne Kriener

    Networker of alphaQuest GmbH
    Senior Manager
    Government, Mobility, Technologies & Innovations, Security
    Langfristige Partnerschaft, um mit unserer Arbeit Wert zu schaffen in Funktion und Akzeptanz. Aktive Referenzen Integration heterogener Daten: Data Warehousing Visualisierung und Aggregation: Business Intelligence Neue Wertschöpfung ermöglichen: Data Science